Ultimate snow foam, Perfect for removing stubborn dirt and grime, A very thick clingy foam that simply lifts dirt away without you even touching the car.

Foam lance and pressure washer required, put 20-30ml in the 1ltr bottle and fill with water, spray onto surface and allow to dwell for 10mins or so then jetwash off.


Unlike other foams on the market that require 100ml of product Blizzard only required 25ml so a 1lt bottle will give you 40 uses rather than 10.

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Great Stuff

Excellent Snowfoam, 30ml in the 700ml botttle, gave a good thick layer of Snow on the car.

Blizzard snow foam

Excellent product cleaning is awesome and streek free , great on delivery

Back for more!

Bought 2 x bottles to stock up thanks to recent discount code - tried this originally from the guys directly at Waxstock earlier in the year, its super concentrated so very little required for a good thick foam which did a nice job of the initial cleaning process. Ive used a few foams which of most have not really pleased me, but this does work.

blizzard snowfoam

With most snowfoams you tend to find you need to add more product to the your water in your lance, this is not the case with the blizzard snowfoams, quite impressive how you only need a cap full of this product (from the bottle supplied) making just a 500ml bottle go quite a long way! *quality product * great value for money *great performance Thanks Scott Bennett - owner/founder - AutoReflect

Once you've used this, nothing else compares!!!

Jay was kind enough to send me a sample of this snowfoam to try, and I'm so glad he did. The dilution ratios are hard to believe, but believe them, they are true. My previous snow foam was £9.95 for half a litre, and would take a good inch and a half in a snowfoam bottle to get a thick foam. With this, 20-25ml IS all you need for a thick, long lasting snowfoam. It clings to the car, unlike many, and you can watch the dirt and road grime dripping off your car. In one instance, on a car that hadn't been cleaned in weeks, there was nearly no need for a 2 bucket wash afterwards, that's how good this gear is. I now have two 500ml bottles, and will be ordering a 5l bottle in the new year. Keep up the good work Jay, you literally have the market leader in snowfoams.

Snow foam doesnt come any better than this.

I was extremely sceptical of blizzard and its claimed dilution ratio that was until I tried it. 20Ml of blizzard in 1L of warm water created the thickest foam I have ever used. Its ridiculous to be honest and a 1 litre bottle is enough for 40-50 foams. Its not so much the foam it creates but its cleaning power too, bug splatter is a pain but this shifts almost all of those and the same with general road grime. Its a great product that I'll be using solely as my snow foam of choice from now on. Another one of its strong points is it doesn't hang around on your drive forever either, a quick sprinkle with a hose with disperse it in no time. Quality product Jay thumbs up

Excellent Foam

As this is my first use of any snow foam, I can not offer a comparison with other brands. That said, I can see no reason to use any other brand! My car was both very dusty, and bird bombed, and Blizzard, using an unbelievably small quantity if the lance bottle, lifted off both. Very impressed would be an understatement.

Outstanding cleaning

I had heard good things about this product so picked some up to try out and was not disappointed. Produces a lovely thick foam that clings well and gives plenty of time to work around the fiddly areas with a brush. Cleaning power is excellent, it removed a thick layer of dust from a car that had been sat for a while and did it so well it didn't really need washing afterwards. Best bi is that you only need a tiny amount to make up a full bottle so a litre is going to go a long way.