Detailing World Limited Edition Wax

100ml Glass jar

Bright orange colour

Raspberry scent

Si02 based show wax, super easy to use and leaves great gloss and super water behaviour.

Only 50 of these will be made, over half already sold.

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Had the pleasure of testing this wax. First off the wax itself smells absolutely amazing. Fairly easy to load up the applicator - a couple of twists to ensure even coverage on a wax mate, Once loaded I applied the wax - goes on easy and evenly, spreads just the right amount with a nice thin layer. Due to it being near on 30c and the sun beating down on all panels, I removed the wax after around 6-10 minutes using a short pile mf. This part surprised me the most as I’ve never buffed off an easier wax. Literally it felt like I was removing nothing - no grab, no haze, only ultra slick paint left behind. It was extremely easy and had to check a few times as couldn’t believe I’d removed it all but it was the case. I didn’t even need a second mf as there genuinely wasn’t anything left behind after the first wipe, it was brilliant. As mentioned, the paint afterwards was super slick to touch and gave it extra depth on the surfaces. The red I noticed it the most, but even the bare white looked deeper too. In addition to this absolutely effortless removal, the other part I found hugely impressive was the beading. It was absolutely brilliant. Small, tight beads that I actually had trouble capturing on camera as they kept rolling off the paint… Personally I think it has the best beading I’ve seen from the range, and its removal puts it right up there with regards to pleasure to use. Obviously durability is yet to be seen (it's only been on the car a couple of weeks now), however the ease of application and removal (plus great smell) make this pretty irrelevant anyway as I’d quite happily apply this stuff weekly. Overall verdict is it’s a very, VERY good wax from OW.