This wax has been in development for over 2 years, in this time we have made over 70 different versions to get to where we are today.


Using an advanced ceramic polymer we have crated a wax for the ultimate protection. Perfect for the winter months.


Offering upto 8 months protection, Icon gives you a ceramic coating on your car that you apply just like a wax. Resistant to most detergents and anything the roads can throw at you.


Apply 1-2 panels at a time using a sponge applicator and remove using a short pile microfiber cloth. After 2 hours a second coat can be applied. Try to keep the car dry for the first 2 hours, this is not essential but will increase the durability.


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Very good wax again from OBW

Spreads almost like Dynasty and leaves more sealant like gloss than Dynasty. Prefer Dynasty over this when thinking ease of use and scent but this is very solid winter wax. I like it a lot.

Obsession Icon

Easy to apply and buff out (I cured the wax 14 minutes). Good hydrofobic behaviour and gives a nice shine to the paint.


Very easy to apply and super easy to take off too, I left it for 20 minutes then wiped off and I was absolutely gobsmacked with the results, the sheeting, beading and overall water is excellent and of it lasts as long as Jay says then it will truly be behaviour is spellbinding.