As usual, when it comes round to our anniversary we like to release a limited edition wax. This is our 4th year in business so this year we are releasing a wax called Quattro.


Quattro is going to be a back to basics all natural wax, the blend contains a high carnauba content and contains no man made ingredients at all. This wax will give you a great finish and durability around 2-3 months. Not bad for a wax with no man made polymers in it.


These will be available in 200ml clear glass jars to keep it in line with the last ones.


With us using this particular formula we are able to offer this at a great price of only £40, this wax is super easy to use and gives a warm wet look finish that you can expect from high carnauba waxes.


These will be ready to be shipped at the beginning of October.


Thanks for your continued support, we could not do what we do without you all.

Jay & Jo


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