Ultimate snow foam, Perfect for removing stubborn dirt and grime, A very thick clingy foam that simply lifts dirt away without you even touching the car.

Foam lance and pressure washer required, put 10ml in 500ml of water, spray onto surface and allow to dwell for 10mins or so then jetwash off. If using 1L lance then add 20-25ml


Unlike other foams on the market that require 100ml of product, Blizzard only requires 10ml per 500ml of water so a 500ml bottle will give you 50 uses rather than 5.

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Best snow foam around

Lee on 24th Jul 2017

Absolutely brilliant stuff. The dilution ratios of this foam are unbelievable - it produces some of the thickest and more importantly best cleaning foam I've ever used all from around a tenth of other foams. Value for money is phenomenal - a 1ltr bottle has lasted me absolutely ages.

very economical and does what you eant it to.

Harry Smith on 23rd Sep 2016

A fantastic product, only a tiny amount needed, unlike some other snow foams. Gives great foam and does exactly what you want it to, pre-clean your car to make washing easier. I highly recommend this product.

2nd Attempt

Ian on 29th Feb 2016

After my 1st review (back in Nov 2015) I hadn't touched my bottle of Blizzard, but last weekend I thought I would give it another go. Last time I recall using the recommended dilution ratio and I wasn't impressed. This time I used 100ml Blizzard with 900ml warm water in my foam lance bottle. I had 2 cars to clean and they were much more dirty than when I tried it back in November. This time I got a nice thick, clinging foam that I left to dwell for 15 mins. I used Born To Be Mild shampoo and it the cars only needed a light going over with the wash mitt to produce an excellent finish. So the Blizzard foam did loosen the dirt and prepared the surface well for the shampoo. Much happier this time and will have no hesitation in using it again.

Very thick & clings well

Chris on 10th Apr 2015

Excellent snow foam product when used in a snow foam lance. I used 25ml (so a bottle will do 20 washes) & the foam stuck well for 15 mins before being washed off. Works great, economic, smells great = 5*

little review for jay

andy powell on 17th Mar 2014

well looking on fb on jayr8s page he was selling some snow foam and fall out remover so thought will have to try some of them after testing some of his waxes for him before so ordered last friday and they came today. Anyway first thoughts both are well presented and look very smart and the spray head is good too which is a bonus the only down side to the fall out remover is how bad it smelt but my fault for smelling it lol It stopped raining long enough for me to try them out on the snow foam it says 20 to 30 ml and then top up but being a typical man i put a couple of ml in the bottle of the bottle and filled it up then to the top which on first thought that wouldn't be enough for a foam as magifoam say a couple of inches but anyway tried it at that so after jetting off the car i applied the fallout remover on the wheels first thoughts were it economical as its a fine spray and couple of squirts did a wheel and i have only really used bh kerosol so quite a lot to live up to but it did really well and bleed nicely and brought them up well so after that i tried the snow foam which i was very surprised with as the foam was really really thick and clung really well and did a good job and really i could have put less in really but started raining them so had to wash the car using the snow foam i know its bad but it worked very well sorry its not a very good review not so good at these things and was rushing so no photos but in summary its very well priced and economical and will stand up there with the best of them its another good product from jay and will buy it again for sure and both only cost £18 delivered i would recommend you give a go andymp85 is online now Report Post Edit/Delete Message

Amazing how little of solution is needed! Cost effective!!

Alex lackie on 16th Feb 2014

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this products and I must say WOW I will be buying some in the very near future. When I saw that you didn't need a lot of solution like other SF's on the market I honestly thought ye what ever! I was wrong a very small amount goes a very long way with nice think foam and great cleaning properties This is a must buy product and if on my list of to buy

excellent product

jon davies on 14th Feb 2014

Excellent snow foam surprising how little is needed to produce a nice foam excellent cleaning power

best snow foam i have used

kev on 14th Feb 2014

15-20ml in the foamer bottle,topped up with warm water,i did not think there would be much foam but i was wrong ! loads of thick foam covered my car. Watching the foam slowly sliding off i could see the dirt in it when it was on the drive.jetwashed off easily & left a much cleaner car than before.def my go to prewash foam now.exellent product.