Chroma is our new wax designed to make any painted surface reflect like chrome. 


Containing a blend of natural and synthetic waxes we have created a wax that makes paint reflective on a level never seen before. We are using a new synthetic wax that is made right here in the UK that is optically clear, this means the wax does not dull the paint in any way allowing the natural colour and shine to come through, also perfect for metallic paint. 

To top all this off we have a durability of around 2 months, the wax is super easy to use and beading and sheeting are some of the best we have seen. Whats not to love.

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Russell on 3rd Jun 2018

Amazing wax does exactly what is said in the information but leave it on as long as you can makes it look amazing

great chrome reflections

Großmann Raimund on 29th Apr 2018

very marvellous chrome-like reflections on my deep impact blue metallic mustang. great job!

Superb reflections

Stijn Vanderstraeten on 7th Mar 2018

This wax definitely delivers on it's promise: reflections are the best I've seen from any wax! Very easy to spread and buff of, the only small letdown is the smell.