During a meeting over 2 years ago, the name Divine was thrown out as being a good name for a wax, we all agreed but with a name like Divine we also agreed it had to be something special, Something that was a pleasure to use and something that would leave an absolutely jaw-dropping finish. This is not the way round we usually do things, usually, we have a wax then try and come up with a name, Divine was different, we had the name but no wax to go with it.

We then started working on the wax, knowing exactly what we wanted from it, it was going to be a long process but it finally paid off, over 100 blends and 26 months later Divine was born.

Divine is designed to be a pure show wax, a wax that is so easy to use, you will want to be using it every week but just in case you don’t get the opportunity to use it once a week we have made it last, in excess of 3-4 months.

The finish provided by this wax is nothing short of spectacular, A very deep wet look finish, with the addition of SiO2 we have created a show wax that truly does last, this can be used in any weather be it winter of summer.

The beading and sheeting from Divine are on par with a lot of sealant based products but with none of the downsides.

You really have to try this wax for yourself to understand why this name was so important to us and why this wax was so long in development.

100ml Pre order £29.95 - RRP £39.95

200ml Pre order £54.95 – RRP £74.95

We are aiming for a release date of 31st March for this wax and this is when the pre-order will end.

Why not check out our new Flawless SiO2, the perfect companion to divine.

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Amy on 1st Jan 2019

Another superb Wax,great smell,nice to use and excellent water behaviour.can't wait to see the gloss on a sunny day...roll on the summer


Steven Jack on 7th Apr 2018

I used Divine for the first time today. Such an easy wax to use, a little wipe with an applicator and the wax spread so easily, two wipes was enough to cover the full bonnet with ease. I had a play around with the curing times and even left the wax on for 30 minutes before removing, it came of with ease, no pressure needed, a light buff and it was gone. Divine left the car with a very glossy finish. The water simply ran off the car leaving behind a dry panel. I highly recommend this wax to anyone looking to purchase a new wax, great value for money.

Divine First Use

Mike Jacobs on 2nd Apr 2018

First Use of divine was an absolute pleasure, application was like butter it spreads so easily and a little go's a long way Removal was if you can believe it even easier, I could have used one finger to.remove this even after applying it to the whole car first it was an absolute breeze to remove The finish is what your expect from a show wax, gloss for days and a stunning wet look The water behaviour is insane with tight even beads, this wax simply does not like water full stop it sheets like nothing I've seen before