Limited Edition Dual Layer Wax System
We got asked about 18 months ago about doing a dual layer wax system, 2 waxes designed to work in harmony with each other to offer incredible durability and finish.
Fast forward 18 months and we are here, 2 waxes designed to compliment each other perfectly.
Wax one contains a positively charged amino polymer allowing it to bond to most smooth surfaces including glass. Wax 2 contains a second polymer that is designed to bond to the first, creating a very strong bond that holds up incredibly well to most contaminants and detergents.
Instructions are simple, apply wax 1 to the whole car, remove within 1 hour using a microfibre cloth Apply the second wax immediately after and leave for a minimum of 30mins upto 1 hour, again remove with a short pile microfibre cloth.
Try and keep the paint dry for a minimum of 1 hour after buffing the second wax.
Sit back and relax knowing your car is as protected as it can be, wait until you see the water behaviour.
These 2 waxes are available for a limited time only, get both today in 2 x 200ml jars for a great price of only £119.95.
Due to the complex nature of these blends, we will only be releasing this once per year in limited numbers, 12 available now so grab them while you can.
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