New - Obsession Wax Dynasty.

After a long time in development Dynasty is finally here. Development started on this almost 18 months ago and we have made in excess of 25 blends in this time. Due to the complex nature of this blend it has taken a long time to get right.

Containing a complex blend of natural and synthetic waxes as well as high grade cosmetic oils and Nano technology.

Nano technology has been used to create a truly stunning wax, a wax that has all the benefits of a sealant but with non of the drawbacks.

Super easy to apply and remove.

Great beading.

sheets like a sealant.

up to 6 months durability.

Great show wax finish.

We have tried to keep the price as low as possible with this blend, due to the number of hours we have spent in development as well as the complex blend of ingredients we feel this is still a great price. We guarantee you will not be disappointed.

If you only buy one wax ever again, make it a great one. You won't regret it.

Comes in a 200ml glass jar.

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Stunning in every sense

Finiri Detailing on 22nd Feb 2017

Was lucky enough to pick up a pot as a pre order and have been dying to try it since it arrived. It's a hard wax yet easily loads up an applicator with just a slight turn. Spreads effortlessly and consistently and a little goes a very long way. Most waxes like to say something similar however I don't think it's ever been truer than in this case. I was applying to twice the areas I'd normally do and the wax just kept on going. Removal was easy for the first coat. After a couple of hours I applied a second coat which went on even easier (probably due to the slickness of the surface from the first coat). Again, very easy to remove even when I left a couple of panels for a bit longer. Used on silver and it left an excellent wet look finish. Luckily it rained only an hour after applying so I had chance to check out the beading and it was excellent. Driving along at relatively low speeds, even the fine mist of rain was collecting into tight small beads and shooting up the bonnet more effectively than any value wax I've tried previously. Only applied yesterday so obviously no thoughts on durability but has ticked all the boxes on everything else so far. Truly an excellent wax and well worth every penny.