Enhance - Montan Gloss Enhancer


What is the worst part about turning up at a car show? Your car was perfectly detailed when you left, upon arrival the shine has dulled and there is dust and water spots etc all over the paint, This is where Enhance comes in.

This will give you that just waxed look without having any major impact on your choosen wax or coating, will give you that just waxed look in minutes.


Simply spray onto the panel and remove with a microfibre cloth. Its that easy!

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J. on 19th May 2017

So first thing. It smells awesome, cherry amaretto scent, worth getting just for that! Goes on nice and easy, and gives great results on black and dark cars (not tried on lighter colours). Been thinking of trying this one for a while, glad I did.

Very different!

2nd Nov 2016

Thought I would try this thanks to the recent discount code and only used once, but so far so good applied it over Gyeon Cure which was applie dto my car a few weeks back and yes its certainly gives a really nice gloss to my white paint and the Gyeon Cure certainly still keeps working. Very cost effective for me to use after each wash to give that superb finish.

loved this!

Ben Hobbs on 23rd May 2016

I bought this as a part of a detailing world group buy and was keep to see what the hype was all about. As soon as it arrived I was out with the buckets keen the get the car washed to test this out. I wasn't dissapointed, smells so nice (custom scent) and wipes on very easily leaving an instant improved glossy finish. This is my new go to product along with Nero for tyres and trims. Overall I'm very happy and will be buying again at full price.

super gloss enhance

Jon Davies on 23rd May 2016

Been using enhance for a while now and every time it amazes me the amount of gloss it adds just a couple of sprays per panel is all that's needed Perfect for arriving at shows leaves epic gloss levels and slick feeling to the paint


30th Apr 2016

This is a great product. Really easy to use and the end results are brilliant. Leaves a fantastic shine. Would highly recommend this.

Makes your car look freshly waxed!

Paul7189 on 21st Apr 2016

Great product. Takes 5 minutes to apply and remove on a whole car and makes it look like it has just been waxed. I had evolution on my car and after a few months applied this and it looked the same as when freshly waxed! Better than a quick detailer and will last much longer as it spreads for ages!