New - Evolution Ceramic - Hybrid Ceramic Coating


Evolution is a wax range that is constantly evolving, we are constantly working towards newer and better versions, this one is no exception.


Evolution Ceramic has been designed to offer a ceramic based coating but with the ease of use and finish of a wax, no waiting overnight, no trying to keep the car dry, just apply, wait 10 minutes and remove, job done. Evolution will leave behind glass like reflections, but unlike most waxes, these will last 6-8 months. 


Perfect as a winter wax, or as a base layer for a pure show wax, either way you will have a gloss that lasts and with great beading an sheeting.



Apply using a dry or damp applicator pad in circular motions.

Leave to haze for 10-15 munites

remove residue with a short pile microfiber cloth

Repeat for a second coat 30min later.


Its that simple, there is no easier way to give your car a ceramic coating.


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