Evolution - Detailers Edition - Evolution is always evolving, We have now improved the beading and sheeting ability of evolution without affecting its usability

This wax has been designed from the ground up, A totally new formula made from scratch, after 8 months of development. Containing 0% carnauba, this wax is a blend of Montan, Beeswax and nut oils.

Designed to be very quick and very easy to use when time is an important factor.

This wax will leave all colours with a glass like finish with an unrivaled level of gloss and beading.

You will find this wax ao easy to use, you will never want to use anything else again.


Unlike other waxes this can be used in a number of ways.

1. Apply to whole car, leave for 10 to 15 mins then buff off and apply a second coat.

2. Apply 1 coat, leave for 5 to 15 mins then apply a second coat, leave this for 10 to 15 mins then remove both coats together.

3. Apply to the whole car, go and have a brew, then remove.

4. Apply with a DA on speed 2.


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Evolution v2 review

Amy on 24th Oct 2018

I found it Slightly grabby to apply so i used a damp applicator,it then went on beautifully.was slightly grabby on removal,which was maybe because of cool humid conditions.it left a lovely slick gloss on the paintwork with nice water behaviour.had it on the car a few week now and is holding up well

Excellent wax~~

DU YOUNG LEE on 3rd Jan 2018

Evolution V2 presents easy tasks and great results. This wax is highly recommended.

A must have

Steven Jack on 14th Aug 2017

I have owned and still do own a large amount of car wax. Evolution is one of the best waxes I have used. Application is a breeze and the wax can be applied in various methods which make it adaptable to your needs. Evolution is so easy to spread and a little goes a long way, removal is just as easy as applying. It leaves a lovely glossy finish and has great beading and sheeting. This wax punches way above it's price tag, if you don't have it in your arsenal then this should be your next purchase.

Lovely wax to use - gives epic gloss

Lee on 20th Feb 2017

Incredibly impressed with this wax. Applied to an orange Focus ST and the paint literally looked like lava after. I performed a two stage correction first so the paint was in great condition anyway but after applying Evo, it looked noticeably deeper and wetter. Applied a coat, left a while then applied a second straight away before then buffing off both another 15 mins later and it was absolutely effortless to remove. The fact you can get two layers of such a great wax on in such a quick time is another massive bonus. I only applied it a couple of weeks ago so it's still early days on durability but initial beading was decent and the depth and gloss on the actual finish was staggering. Very, very impressed overall.

The best i got!

Michel Jolie on 29th Apr 2016

This wax is superb! Easy on, easy off and it just leaves a big smile on you face and a fantastic finish on your car. Great scent and a little goes a long way. Fantastic gloss and great sheeting when wet. I like Phantom too and wil use it too but this one is my absolute favourite!

Easier to spread than butter

Stijn Vanderstraeten on 16th Feb 2016

This wax is even easier to spread than Phantom, but not as durable. It does give an immense gloss, like a show wax. Sheeting/beading is also quite good!

Ultimate wax?

MD on 16th Sep 2015

Supremely good finish from an exceptionally versatile wax. Great beading and epic sheeting bundled in with show wax finish. What's not to like?!