Perfect for when the finish is just not good enough, This can be applied to a dry or a wet car and spreads very easily and removes just as easily. Anti-static to help prevent dust.
Pefect for in between waxing, will give your paint that just waxed feel without the hassle. This is not a sealent so dont expect super durability, but its perfect to put of waxing for another week. Perfect for removing light dust and water marks.

Spray onto a clean cool surface.

Spread product evenly with a microfibre towel.

Remove residue.

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Quick Detailer

Keron on 7th Apr 2015

Used this product on my partners Lexus Gs300 which he purchased a few weeks ago. The paintwork prior to use looked worn out and looked like it had not received any tlc for quite some time. Application was easy to use from start to finish. Buffing off was easy and the paintwork looked amazing and bright again. Very good value product for the price

Quick n essy

Rich L on 8th Mar 2014

Use this today on my dads classic Manx Norton motorcycle. Its on show at a local bike exhibition and during the past few days it had gotten a little dusty and was covered in hand and finger prinrs. A few quick sprays, 10 mins buffing and the lustre was restored and it looked perfect again. Highly recommended.

Perfect top up between rewaxing

Rich on 8th Mar 2014

Very well priced and you get 500ml. Smells nice, spreads easy and buffs off with ease. It restores gloss and beading nicely and its perfect for removing finger prints on black paint too. I normally use Swissvax QD but this is as good and a whole heap cheaper.

Quick gloss and drying aid

Jon B. on 8th Mar 2014

A nice easy to use wipe on wipe off detailer spray. Smells ok as well. Supplied with a good spray, well priced. Not sure if can be used as a clay lube but works well as a drying aid.

Just the job between waxes

Rich on 28th Feb 2014

First off....ordered on the Wednesday, arrived on the Friday....excellent service. Nice tropical coconutty scent and a decent trigger producing a fine mist. Spreads real easy and buffs of nice and cleanly. I used this on my work van which hasnt been waxed for nearly 2 months and it restored the gloss following a quick wash....perfect for wash days when you dont have time to wax or the weather is looking iffy.