For some time now we have been asked to produce a SiO2 based version of our quick detailer, this has taken us some time as it was not easy incorporating the 2 but now we have, we started this almost a year ago and now we have a great quick detailer with added SiO2 that is perfect for topping up your wax protection.
We recommend using this as a drying aid, this way you could potentially make your wax coating last for years. Super easy to use, just spray on and wipe off, no curing, no buffing, just simple.
Spray onto a clean cool surface.
Spread product evenly with a microfibre towel.
Remove residue.
If using as a drying aid, spray all over your wet paint and the dry as normal.
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My go too qd detailer.

alfred trovåg on 14th Oct 2018

My go too qd detailer for use in Winther months over the Polishangel Cosmic v2 coating.