Hybrid 86 has be designed for those people who want the best of both worlds. Wet look as well as durability.

Hand blended with advanced polymers as well as Carnauba wax 86% carnauba wax and natural oils, this wax will give you a great wet look and will last the winter months. 4 months+

Cleaning your car will be a lot easier, the beading will be like nothing else. This wax can also be used on plastic trim to give it a great shine and protection.


Apply by hand in straight lines using a wax applicator, leave to haze for 5-10 minutes then buff off. If you find it difficult to remove it means it has not been left on long enough, dont leave for more than 20mins.

This comes as standard in Red with a cherry scent.

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hybrid 86

vendeur très sérieux, disponible et à l'écoute produit de super qualité vous pouvez commander les yeux fermés merci à toi Jay

Absolutly brilliant

I have tried a lot of waxes in my time and thought I had settled on one or two to keep to until I used this one. definitely my go to wax from now on. so easy to apply and remove. I have tried it on various different colours of cars now and every colour benefits from a coat of hybrid 86. And as an added bonus you can choose your own colour and scent without paying through the roof for it. truly outstanding service and products from obsession wax

Exceptional value.

My first foray into Obsession waxes, dark purple and smelling of blackcurrant a lovely combination. e What I was surprised about was just how soft and oily hybrid is. I've only really used firm waxes up to this point so wondered how I'd get on with it. Shouldn't have worried tbh as like all obsession waxes its a doddle to use, what I will say is be careful when first loading your applicator as due to its soft nature its easy to over apply. It spreads and spreads and once I got used to this I found it a real pleasure to use. Half a car was done before removal and it came off with ease, looks great and beads very well indeed. What I did find that when snow foaming in the future the car is 95% clean afterwards making the actual wash process safer and cleaner. Its not a winter wax imo, its a great wax that should be used year round and if you're not the kind of person to buy many different waxes then Hybrid is the one I'd suggest you get, its a fabulous allrounder.

amazing value

absolutely my fav wax now, so easy to put on and buff off and love the smell, i went for green and lime smell and its perfectly what its ment to be put it on the whole car then buff off from were you started and it comes off easy, its easier with a short pile cloth and does not leave any residue on trims which was great, the beading and sheeting are amazing and up to the standards of £100+ waxs not to sure on durabilty yet its lasted 3 weeks and still just as good as day one perfect wax and a great price for it to

Another Great Wax From Obsession

I have several waxes in my collection and have always stuck to what I know gives me the results I wanted so when Jay recommended the new Hybrid86 I was sceptical I applied a single layer which was extremely easy to apply as the product spreads so easily, I left it for the recommended time and it buffed off effortlessly. The shine far exceeded my expectations, it gave a slick wet look with great flake pop on my Panther Black Metallic ST, all from a single layer The wax continued to show great results for the next 10-11 weeks with no further application just a simple wash was all that was needed to maintain the finish I noticed how the water just ran straight off the paintwork and any that didn't left some very tight beads, I noticed how the car seemed to appear to stay looking cleaner for longer as the general road grime didn't seem to want to adhere to the surface. Overall I was extremely impressed with this product which for the price is up there with far more expensive waxes on the market. I was that impressed I then ordered a sample of Euphoric and Aura to see if they could live up to my expectations or exceed them as Hybrid 86 has

Quality Wax with Added Customisation

I am normally a person stuck in my wax when it comes to detailing products however when I saw this wax that I could choose my colour and scent I thought why not give it a try. If anything it will make a nice showpiece. So my wax arrived in good time in my chosen dark green colour with apple scent. Really impressed with the tub and smell. So once the car was finished being machine polished I decided this would be a good time for a test. Using a foam applicator I took a swipe out of the tub. First thing to mention, a small swipe will load the applicator so it is a nice softish was which is perfect. On application the wax spreads really nicely and thin and is very oily. A little went a really long way. Left it for about 7/8 mins and then buffed off which was really easy. Overall this wax was a pleasure to use. The finish it gives is very nice. Not a very wet look but a nice gloss. The finish to touch is very smooth and glass like. One thing I noted was the paint looked a little darker after application which for my paint was a nice added bonus. Overall I was very impressed and will definitely use it again and again. Cant comment on durability.