Ion - Anti-static Paint Protection - Pre-Order
Do you ever get a layer of dust on your car that just won't shift until you wash it?
Sahara dust or just general road dust.
Well, now there is a solution, Ion Wax.
This wax provides an anti-static layer on your paint, not only does it attract less dust but it means that once driven, the motion of the car will blow the dust off.
Unlike a lot of waxes, after buffing with a microfiber the paint is very static, and it's this, that attracts the dust. Using this wax will eliminate this problem, leaving your car cleaner for longer and resulting in less marring from the dust.
Can be used as a stand-alone wax or over other waxes, we have blended this to be used with any wax as an anti-static layer just to add that extra layer of protection.
This wax does not compromise on the finish either, offering great beading, high wet look gloss and on its own, durability of 2-3 months.
As an added bonus, we have created an anti-static quick detailer too, this allows you to top up the anti-static properties at every wash if you wish to do so.
Each pot will come with a 500ml bottle of the QD and it can also be purchased separately.
As this is a new wax we are offering it at a pre-order price of £44.95 rather than £59.95, this price includes the 500ml bottle of Anti-Static QD.
Grab one now while the price is low.
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