There are a lot of show waxes on the market and they all claim to last 4-6 weeks, to us, that's not a show wax, some of the gloss would have been lost in the process of getting that 4-6 week protection.

Our new wax is different, it does not come with any durability recommendations because the truth is it will probably last a week. Seems a bit daft for a wax to last a week but not if you want the ultimate finish, the ultimate jaw dropping wet look that everyone seeks. As much as a lot of waxes will offer a finish close to this there will always be the downside of more durability and less gloss because of it.

That's why we bring you Luminous.

Luminous - adjective
1. radiating or reflecting light; shining; bright.
2. lighted up or illuminated; well-lighted:

This wax will be the ultimate finish, compromising of high grade Carnauba and Montan wax as well as a UK manufactured polymer that is designed not for durability but to refract light, this has allowed us to create a wax that is a pure show wax. Yes we could have made it more durable, but why do that an dull the overall finish.

Comes in a 200ml jar with a refreshers scent.

This is the finish you have all been looking for.

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Excellent wax!!

Luminous shows great workmanship and great results. This wax is highly recommended.