Provides the perfect finish for any of our waxes, Simple spray and wipe formula removes any remaining dirt, grease, and oils after washing to provide the perfect base for our waxes. We have made this product spray-able to save time and product, its impossible to over apply so you get the perfect amount every time.

Spray onto the surface, work into the panel with a sponge applicator or a microfiber cloth.

The product will start to flash off as you work it in.

Remove any residue with a microfiber cloth.

Allow the panel to sit for 10 minutes before waxing.


Simple as that, the perfect clean finish ready for waxing.

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Maxime Da Silva on 29th Dec 2017

vendeur très sérieux, disponible et à l'écoute produit de super qualité vous pouvez commander les yeux fermés merci à toi Jay