Phaenna has been designed to be the ultimate show wax, This wax will leave a great wet look finish to your paintwork and also offers great flake pop. Perfect for metallic/pearl paint and is higly recommended for light and warm coloured cars!

Very easy to use, containing 74% T1 Yellow Carnauba as well as a mixture of natural oils and waxes. If your after the ultimate finish for your show car then this is the one for you!

Phaenna comes as standard in Yellow and passion fruit scent, if you want this customising, please look at the custom wax option.


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Phaenna Wax

Gus Nilsson on 10th Jun 2016

I bought this last week and had high hopes for it. I was going to a car show and needed my car to look pristine. My car was relatively swirl free but prepared it using fin finishing pads along with a fine finish, high gloss polish. The car was then wiped down with ISO to remove any polish residues and oils and give the wax the best base. I applied Phaenna tthinly to two panels and then used a thick plush microfiber to buff it off after 10 minutes. I found the wax hard to get off and it left smears and oily patches. I had to used a couple of microfibers in the end to get all the smears off. It ended up taking longer than it should have. Now the shine ! I am impressed with the shine and glossiness of it and the end result was quite good. The glass container it comes in is fantastic, classy and looks great. The smell wasnt as strong as I was lead to believe from others, sure it smells nice but the smell was faint. Quality of the product I think could be improved with more thorough production - my jar had a few harder lumpy bits near the surface. Also perhaps less yellow colour but thats me being picky. The smearing nature of it is the only let down. Thanks Obsession Wax

5 star finish

kev g on 30th Jun 2015

very easy to work with,both in application & removal. the finish left is simply stunning.(i put it up against my favorite summer wax) & it was superior in every way.once the sample tub is gone i will be purchasing a full size tub (something i rarely do these days) def my go to summer wax.