Phantom has been designed from the ground up, after months of research and testing. This wax will leave a great depth to your paintwork and long lasting protection of 5 months+

Phantom is designed to be the pinacle of automotive protection, Ultimate gloss, Untlimate protection.

The only wax on the market to come with no instructions, Use it how you want. Containing 68% of T1 carnauba as well as natural oils and waxes!


Apply in thin layers, Apply in thick layers.

Leave for 5 mins, leave for 5 hours.

The choice is yours, so easy to use, you will never use another wax again.

This comes as standard as an orange wax with Mango scent, if you want this customised please check out the custom wax section.

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Phantom shows great results and smells good. But it was not easy to work in cold weather.

Very good hard wax

At first i was surprised how hard this wax is, but it thins out and spreads like butter. Just a dab is more than enough for one panel. I left it to haze, which took around 10-15 minutes and buffed off. Very nice sparkles from the metallic finish!

Phantom on black VW Passat and Titanium Grey Volvo V70

This is the best wax I've ever seen. Sharp reflections and a shiny gloss like no other wax. Testing waxes is a professional hobby of me and Phantom is better than all the other waxes that I have ever used. This is far beyond other, more expensive waxes. Impressive shine and top protection.


Very impressed with Phantom, the finish it leaves is exceptional and the beading is brilliant, very very good product!

Easiest hard wax I've worked with!

This is by far the easiest hard wax I've ever worked with! It also has a superb finish (dark, wet gloss), pretty good beading and durability. Smells like mango (lovely!) and can of course be customized.

Truly a high end wax

Having used MANY waxes from many brands I must say Phantom is up there with ANY other waxes currently on the market regardless of price. It looks incredible on black, deep and glossy. It is a pleasure to use, it spreads exceptionally well and is even easier to remove. Sheeting and beading are both excellent and during winter I've experienced over 4 months protection from two applied coats. This isn't a £60 wax, this could easily be a £600 wax and you wouldn't fault it at that price.