As with a lot of our products we like to try and improve them over time, this was no easy task for Phantom. Phantom has always been very highly praised and is currently our best selling wax.

Phantom V2 SiO2 has taken a long time to develop, making use of some advanced German polymers we have been able to increase the ease of use, beading and sheeting whilst still keeping the same great 4+ months protection ad the same great finish our fans are accustomed to. Still containing the same 68% T1 carnauba and natural oils, this wax really is one of the best on the market. With the added SiO2 you have the same great wax with extra durability of around 5-6 months.

This limited edition version is available in 200ml pots and they are our new powder coated pots, this time around a nice sparkly blue glass jar. The wax itself is going to be blue in colour to match the rest of the theme with a nice raspberry scent.


Only 25 of these are available and these will not hang around for long, but dont worry if you miss out, this wax will be available in our standard black jars around mid april.



Apply in thin layers, Apply in thick layers.

Leave for 5 mins, leave for 5 hours.

The choice is yours, so easy to use, you will never use another wax again.

This comes as standard as an orange wax with Mango scent, if you want this customised please check out the custom wax section.

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