This is our standard shampoo with a custom twist, you can choose your own colour and scent.

Dilution upto 2000:1 - A super concentrated shampoo, free from gloss enhancers or surface modifiers. This highly foaming shampoo is added to warm water and applied via a wash mitt or similar. Purify shampoo contains anti-mar additives which result in a very slick feel allowing the wash media to easily lift soiling without dragging it along the surface which can lead to swirls and micro-marring.

Add a small amount to a wash bucket and fill with warm water.

wash car using a wash mitt or similar and rinse once finished.

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Purify Shampoo

Keron on 7th Apr 2015

Fantastic product, worked a absolute dream on my rx8. Used 2 cap falls with warm water and the lather was amazing. The scent was amazing and so was the colour. End results no steaks at all, very impressed with this product.

Bottled loveliness

Mike D on 5th Apr 2015

This was a yet another custom bottle...fluorescent pink and cola scented this time. I've already got 2 bottles of custom shampoo but can never have enough of a good thing. Super suds, super slick, super economical. A super product all round.

A great custom shampoo

Jon B. on 8th Mar 2014

Neon pink, candy floss scented car shampoo, what else could I ask for!! Well it cleans well, smells good, good price and service. Already ordered second one (this one red and vanilla for my dad). As good as any other on the market and a lot cheaper than other custom shampoos with bigger choose of scent and colour

Bubbly bubble gum

Nat on 4th Mar 2014

Chose the bubble gum scent in fluorescent pink. The smell is awesome & sticks around while you're washing the car. Used about 5ml in 15l of water and the amount of suds was phenomenal! 500ml will last ages. Get yourself a bottle now!

Amazing colour and smell

Dan Welford on 22nd Feb 2014

Wow,where to start. I selectd fluorescent pink colour and for smell banana. An odd combination maybe but I wasn't disappointed. The colour was simply stunning and the smell was great, there was a really nice banana smell during the whole time I was washing the car. The product itself gives a really nice amount of suds and whilst using my wash sponge it was really gliding along the paintwork with ease. Another great product from Obsession with countless options for colours and scents....I will definately be back for more.