Bleeding fallout remover, The ultimate cleaner for baked on brake dust and contaminents.

Warning, this will strip your wax coating, apply with care, avoid contact with skin if possible.

Spray onto surface and the colour will change to purple as it disolves the dirt, allow to dwell for a few minutes and then jetwash off.

Can also be used at a dilution of 3:1 in a foam lance, or neat with a foaming spray head.

Be careful on smart repairs or exotic finishes.

Unlike other fallout removers on the marked, this one foams, can be used neat through a foaming spray head or at a dilution of 3:1 in a foam lance.

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Fallout Remover

Brilliant quality fallout remover for the price. Product takes a little longer to start working however the end results are worth the wait.

Love it

I think im on my 2nd bottle now and recently ordered a 3rd. As ive mentioned in a previous review, this fallout remover takes a little longer for the reaction to begin but its the end result that counts and this delivers. Its brilliant on wheels with very little aggitation needed....i often only use my finger to apply a liitle pressure. Its great on bodywork to as its clingier than the make i previously used. Id like to see cheaper 1 litre refill bottles next please.

Superb alternative to expensive rivals

First off was the sniff test.....no surprise that it still aint pleasant but its no where near as bad as some. Application was a surprise as it foams a little but this helped it cling better imo. It took a few minutes for the reaction/bleeding to begin but once it was up and running it reacted very strongly. I aggitated one half of the wheel with a brush and left the other. I jet washed it all off after approx 7 mins. The test wheels were Range Rover wheels which i find are really bad for baked brake dust. Both halves of the wheel came up a treat and neither side needed a 2nd application. This product may take a little longer than others but heavily soiled wheels are never quick so for me, having to wait a few mins longer for a great result is not a problem. Highly recommend.

One of the best

One of the best fallout removers I've tried, it starts working within minutes and is very effective. I used it to get rid of some stubborn brake dust that regular wheel cleaner couldn't shift - the fallout remover shifted most of it with very little agitation. Use this on your wheels for a totally touchless wash! It's also great value for money, definitely one to have in your detailing arsenal!

Up there with the rest if not the best iv used!

I was lucky enough to be one of the testers for this products and I must say WOW I will be buying some in the very near future. Tested it along side a well known brands 2.0 and this has definitely got the edge over it. This is my go to fallout remover

excellent value for money

tried this fallout remover on wheels that have not been touched since oct. i have to say i am seriously impressed ! rinsed wheel after using wheel cleaner,sprayed fallout remover on,left to dwell for a few mins,agitated & left a min then rinsed off to reveal a set of super clean,shiney wheels.another winner for my cleaning arsenal.

Fast effective and very well priced

Top quality fallout remover extremely effective you've tried the rest now try the best