Designed to help keep alloy wheels cleaner for longer and easier to wash without the need for harsh chemicals.
A combination of natural and synthetic waxes blended with extremely hard wearing polymers give Taranis its characteristics.
A lovely gloss finish that will last well in excess of 2-3 months in average usage.
For maximum life span deep cleanse your wheels with Renegade and Purge prior to application to remove any contaminants.
Apply Taranis in a thin coat and leave to cure for 10-15 minutes. Remove with a short pile microfiber. For ultimate and uniform coverage a second coat of Taranis may be applied after an hour.
Do not use harsh solutions to clean your alloys once Taranis is applied, a warm shampoo solution will be sufficient to clean your wheels.
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Recently tested this after using there wax for months

30th Aug 2016

I been using there wax awhile and decent to give the wheel wax a try and lovely to work with n gives a nice finish. Not sure on durability as just used at weekend but like any other wax it will be long lasting.