Zeal - Cutting costs, not corners.


Not everyone wants to spend a small fortune on a wax, we began to realise this after a while so we set to work on creating a great wax at a great price.

This is based on Hybrid 86, lowering the carnauba content a little and tweaking the polymers we were able to create Zeal!

This wax is super easy to use, very oily and spreads a very long way, curing time is around 10-15 mins but can be left for 30mins without any issues. Durability is around the 3 month mark depending on car use and storage. This wax will not turn your trim white.


So why not give obsession a try today with an introduction into our range of waxes, you won’t be disappointed.

Comes in a 200ml glass jar, bright green wax with a apple scent!



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Blown away with how good this was for the "entry level" wax!

Lee on 20th Feb 2017

Really impressed with Zeal. For the price point, I really don't think there's a better wax out there. The glass jar feels quality and the smell of the wax is lovely, both making it feel worth way more than the meagre price tag! Quite a soft wax so spreads very easily and a little goes a long way and buffs off nicely too. I tried it on silver and it really upped the reflectivity and gloss even on a slightly overcast day. Will see how durability holds up but initial beading was excellent. Very impressed overall.

exellent entry level wax !

will on 1st Aug 2016

As a new customer to obsession wax i thought i would start with zeal. To say i am very impressed is an understatement, i own other waxes from various companies that cost 2 or 3 times as much as zeal and i have to say that zeal is up there with them for quality. Also the glass jar gives it that luxury feel too...nice job obsession !

awesome wax

Luke Hooper on 31st Jul 2016

I bought this when you could customise these so I went for bright red and aniseed flavour first off the presentation looks very professional and cool. More importantly the wax is amazing a little goes a long way easy to buff off and it beads well impressed if this is just the entry wax. Thanks again